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Sunk Afinity Sessions Episode 06

I nearly spilt this 2hr set but seeing as im away for a while i'll just post the lot..  Great music as always starting with and I say this with a huge amount of humble!  My lastest release..   Japhet Bryce - Terminals.  Out now! on Mojear Records 'Summer Ibiza 2014' Compilation, Check my second track on this release 'Footprints' which im sure i'll play in the next SAS mix episode, 115bpm chillout house groove with an old skool chorus synth riff bumping through it.

Beatport Release purchase link..

Hope you enjoy the music as much as I do!  And of course till next time, Seeya!


1 Japhet Bryce
Terminals 2 Enrico Mantini
I Need (Original Mix) 3 Larakki
Dig (Lovebirds Sax Ride Remix) 4 Ross Couch
Work It (Original Mix) 5 Akabu, Alex Mills
Everybody Wants Something …

Sunk Afinity Sessions Episode 05

Sunk Afinity Sessions Episode 05

SAS Podcast 05..
Laid back chill out.. deep house starting at 117 to 123 bpm.. Great fun mixing this one, hope you enjoy the music..

Rafiki (Shur I Kan party mix) Bob Holroyd Mondotunes Hi Life (Cheeky Bold Cover) Monkey Safari Embassy One Childhood Fancy (Original Mix) Joss Moog Robsoul Recordings You'll See (Micha Mischer Remix) Lameduza, Universal Solution MUM UK Manchester Underground Music Come On (Electric Zeus Sunset Mix) Satin Jackets Melodica Recordings Be (Atjazz & Jullian Gomes Remix) Zaki Ibrahim Kid Fonque & DJ Whisky Atjazz Records Before I Lose Control (Original Mix) Betoko 541 B'n Luv (Andre Lehmann Remix) Flamen City Life Andavar Fish Go Deep Go Deep Wake Up (Original Mix) Citizen 42 City Life TU VOZ MAX MARTINEZ   Astor - Shur-I-Kan Re…