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Sunk Afinity Sessions Episode 22

Hi and welcome to Episode 22..  Bit of a special one for me, hope you enjoy the music as much as I did mixing it.  Big Thankyou to the outstanding for including the podcast in their new schedule! (See Below for details).

Many thanks and seeya in a week broadcasting live on 1st and 3 Saturday's 7pm UK, 11pm Europe, 2pm EST.


1.Bruce Loko byShadow People (Lava Cut) 2.Black Water byThis (Original Mix) 3.Burning Simitkovic byWhat I Do (Original Mix) 4.Cesar Del Rio, Angel0 byAzitromic 5.Fred Everything byFelt 6.Scott Diaz byTake A Chance 7.Seba Lecompte byLove Connection (Phasen Remix) 8.Purple Velvet byMarble Zone 9.HRRSN bySame Freakin' Day 10.Danism, Arnold Jarvis byFly Away (Original Mix) 11.Carlitos Moreno, Yessy byBelieve (Chris Decent ft. Syntheticsax Remix)

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Sunk Afinty Sessions Episode 21

All the best for 2015!  First Sunk Afinity Sessions of the year and yep the music is stunning in my humble opion..  So looking forward to what this year has to offer!

New releases from Andy Heart, Golf Clap, Svet and Luvless to name a few.

Standby for a monthly Sunk Afinity Sessions Guest Mix!  First one is a Deep Progressive hour of power from none other than a US based buddy of mine Bryan Elsloo.  Be sure to check his Ascension radio show on the very fine

Many thanks and enjoy the music.  Also catch me live in the mix every 1st and 3rd Sat 7pm GMT on the excellent too.  Peace.

1.Seventh Sun (Nils Penner Remix) byAdham Zahran, Hisham Zahran 2.Show You (Andrés Remix) byGolf Clap 3.Merkin byAndy Hart 4.Luvmaschine byLuvless 5.Horizontal (Deeper Mix) byBlaque Bakhowa 6.We Fall In Love (Koett Remix) byCopper Beard 7.Trust (Motor City Drum Ensemble Deep Mix) byRomanthony 8.Apolune byJesper Ryom 9.Body Bass (Original Mix) bySvet 10.Bubblegum byMonte

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