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Sunk Afinity Sessions Episode 84

Sunk Afinity Sessions Episode 84

Show #84 Featuring a complete hour of the sound of Rishi K. who has recently left us but his excellent musical legacy lives on. 

I only spoke with Rishi a couple of time's but found him to be a great down to earth guy who's passion for house and electronic music spoke volumes, a real loss to the industry and I hope I have done his music justice in this set, enjoy the show and thank's as always for listening.

Listen to Sunk Afinity Sessions Episode 84bySunk Afinity Sessions by Japhet

1   Truer Feeling (Original Mix) by Rishi K.
2   Sunday Morning (Original) by Rishi K.
3   The Science of Art (Original Mix) by Rishi K.
4   Truer Feeling (Original Mix) by Rishi K.
5   Sonic Spirit (Alex Sosa Rmx) by Rishi K., Alex Sosa
6   Prime Mover by Rishi K. & Juanma Llopis, Rishi K., Juanma Llopis
7   Pat & Mat (Roland Nights Remix) by Rishi K., Roland Nights
8   The Movement (Original Mix) by Rishi K.
9   414 by Rishi K.
10 Qua…

Sunk Afinity Sessions Guest Mixes #26 Marc Gerrard

Sunk Afinity Sessions Guest Mixes #26 Marc Gerrard

Guest show #26 One hour of solid deep grooves from Vancover based veteran DJ and the man behind the excellent underground house and techno radio station enjoy the podcast and thanks for listening!

Marc Gerrard’s DJ roots are firmly planted in Amsterdam, where he lived, worked and enjoyed the culture for several years. He navigated the dark clubs of the late 90’s and early 00’s, a thriving underground scene ripe with innovation, transcendent passion and boundary pushing sound - a perfect place for a young DJ to find his calling. Upon returning to Canada he traded in his Discman for a pair of turntables and a mixer to begin his evolution from music aficionado to full fledged DJ. He further evolved by branching out with the culmination of DE Radio, his current passion project dedicated to supporting likeminded artists who care deeply about the quality of their sound. Marc has poured himself into developing a high quality, co…