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Sunk Afinity Sessions Episode 85

Sunk Afinity Sessions Episode 85

Show 85 featuring a heady mix of the finest deep house grooves perfect for some springtime chillaxing, enjoy the podcast and thanks for listening.

Listen to Sunk Afinity Sessions Episode 85bySunk Afinity Sessions by Japhet

1   Slove (Sunshine Jones Rework) by Soul Minority, Sunshine Jones
2   Tender Love (Michael Oberling Dusty Mix) by DuBeats, Michael Oberling
3   Bitter Sweet Feelings (Soul Minority Club Mix) [Feat. Lu Chase] by          Christopher Wilde, Lu Chase, Soul Minority
4   Beaches by Labeuz
5   The Spot by Dj Kush Boogie
6   1st Vibration (Original Mix) by Sebb Junior
7   Clues by Soledrifter
8   Last Summer (Tokita Remix) by Soul Minority, Tokita
9   Late Night Games (Original Mix) by Signal St
10 Heartbreaker (Detroit Swindle Remix) by Parker Madicine, Detroit Swindle
11 Your Local News (Soul Minority Deep Mix) by Oscar P, Soul Minority

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