Sunk Afinity Sessions Guest Mixes #016 Paul Layden

Sunk Afinity Sessions Guest Mixes #016 Paul Layden

This month's exclusive guest session sonic delights from the man Paul Layden.. Enjoy!

Paul started off his musical life in north london,playing in various small bands as a bass player vocalist and lyricist before reigniting his love for dj'ing,returning to the decks sometime in 2007 eventually playing for Pirate stations Point Blank Fm london and Selectuk radio,london & most recently playing for Release fm in west london.

Paul played a weekly series of shows called "In Deep " on these stations and the series ran in its entirety for 10 years online and latterly played in the last 4-5 years on these stations.

Today Paul plays under the banner of " In Perspective" with paul layden) playing tracks that are chosen to be more left field, thought out & different to what you might hear on your everyday stations airwaves.

Today Paul can be found on the south coast of england playing everything from Deep to Soulful house sounds in the sun on the radio,and in the occasional club/bar with a good music policy.


  • 1 Nicholas by Alma
  • 2 Buckley by Colman
  • 3 John sweetname by Crazy woman
  • 4 Adam & James Benedict by Love
  • 5 Kristian Veron by Zoma Brot
  • 6 Marco Goncalves by Oxygen
  • 7 Ray Taff (Kidmark 90's dub) by For You
  • 8 Flavvio by At Sea
  • 9 Brandub by S4
  • 10 Afamoo (Fizzikz remix) by Respect
  • 11 Nugati by Terrence terry

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Radio Station Syndication's..

DE Radio (Vancover, Canada)
Live 2hr Broadcast 1st and 3rd Saturdays and 6pm ReBroadcast Every Saturday. (Athens, Greece)
Weekly show airing every Tuesday 10pm GMT 11pm CET 5pm EST

Ibiza Live Radio & 103.7 White FM (Ibiza, Spain)
6pm GMT Every Monday.


Studio Sounds Radio (Germany)
Every other Thursday 2pm UK, 3pm CET 

Club Sounds Radio (Germany)
Every other Friday 1pm GMT, 2pm CET

Music we stand...  Peace.


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