Sunk Afinity Sessions Episode 86

Sunk Afinity Sessions Episode 86

Show 86 deep and uplifting beats from Adam Nathan, Fouk, Roland Nights, DJ Biopic, Deepkeen and more.. Enjoy the show and please leave feedback on the music and the podcast, cheers!


1   A Miracle (Reprise) by Pablo Bolivar & Sensual Physics, Pablo Bolivar, Sensual Physics
2   Where I Went Wrong (Original Mix) by DJ Biopic
3   I Need You (Peggy Gou Remix) by Kamar, Peggy Gou
4   Dirty Talk by Roland Nights
5   Missing by Oriol Fornós
6   Follow Me (Original Mix) by Simon Shaw
7   Us And Them by Adam Nathan
8   Stuff Your Dad Liked by Fouk
9   Get High (Original Mix) by Deepkeen
10 City Song (COEO Remix) by Eli Escobar, COEO
11 Drums by Daniel Leseman 

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DE Radio (Vancover, Canada)
Live 2hr Broadcast 1st and 3rd Saturdays and 6pm ReBroadcast Every Saturday. (Athens, Greece)
Weekly show airing every Tuesday 9pm GMT 10pm CET 4pm EST

Ibiza Live Radio & 103.7 White FM (Ibiza, Spain)
6pm GMT Every Monday.

Studio Sounds Radio (Germany)
Every other Thursday 1pm UK, 2pm CET 


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